I'm Dom and I'm 21 and I suck.
And I post a lot of One Piece.
I talk in my tags 99% of the time.
Summoner Name:Domnomss

ワン ☆ ピース


I sent a semi-angry consumer complaint email today…

you seriously called the iphone 6 sexist because it’s a half an inch larger? because it won’t fit in your pocket? what?

Omg please let this be a fake post for attention

Cloud 9 HyperX Plays Heads Up!

omg Im screaming at Hai.

Im silver~

Man this is some shit. I wanna play the demo :

wtf I hit the platinum status last year and I didnt get my download code :< 

Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Album: Fever To Tell
Track: Maps
Just a hunch



I think TJ Lane is gonna kill himself.

before or after he gets caught tho?

I think they might find him dead

Just a hunch

I think TJ Lane is gonna kill himself.



Track: rip

mouse follower