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This whole “girl’s dress code at school is totally perpetuating rape culture” is so ignorant in so many ways.



why are a lot of yall talking as if john green intentionally put himself on the time 100 list and supports the list fully

i’m wholly disappointed with how time handled the list too especially w/r/t the erasure of laverne cox, with her scoring an overwhelming percentage of support in the polling…




Like, does everyone of a certain culture have to approve of something? Like, if I want to get henna do I have to get every Indian or Swahili person to give me the OK before I do it?

I don’t get it. If someone is cool with their friend or whatever taking part…

If you’re nonwhite you can slide. But if you’re white on this website no matter how much approval you get or how respectfully you do something that is “nonwhite” you will be shunned.
I remember this one white, female blogger was living in India for a few months, and the family she lived with gave her some traditional clothing and a headpiece and everyone jumped on her without even knowing she was actually living there and being respectful.
This site just has an anti-white mob mentality.


why is the world super late on pharrell? like how do you not know he’s produced nearly everything since 1998-present ?
wrote rump shaker, produced for blackstreet, mase, kelis, bsb, mystikal, babyface, clipse, justin timberlake, usher, janet jackson, missy elliott, madonna, lupe, snoop dogg, mariah carey, michael jackson, britney, in the group n*e*r*d & been dressing like an astronaut & wearing spongebob socks for the past 10+ years.

yall late.


Tbh I don’t want my race to play a factor one way or the other in any kind of success

I’d rather get by on my own merit

Not because I’m black but because I’m good at what I do ya dig

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